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They are basically small pits that appear on the surface of most wheels due to corrosion from road salt, brake dust etc… most of the time with our refurbishment you will not be able to tell.

With minor pitting, we use a primer filler which covers most of the pitting, only noticeable upon closer inspection.

PLEASE NOTE: with excessive pitting, the only way is to use Filler, which would result in an extra charge of £25 per wheel.

We get asked this a lot, but just to clarify, it is 3 days (72 hours) as from the time your wheels are handed to us.

For example, if your wheels are dropped off to us at 12pm on Monday, they will not be ready until Thursday 12pm.

All works are performed on site, with no outsourcing.
At our Dudley branch we can actually offer 2 cars for our Same Day Service simultaneously.

Very soon, we will be looking to include our Diamond Cut wheel refurbishments for Same Day Service  also (excluding Crack and Buckle repairs).

Many of our competitors will try to discredit us by saying we are cheap because we cut corners. We can assure you we do not.

Have a look at our process, all pictures and videos are genuine and are taken on our premises.

More importantly, our Positive feedbacks, 5-star Reviews and Social Media recommendations help uphold our reputation for being a leading Wheel Refurbishment company in the Midlands.

If you were to closely compare a wheel that we have refurbished to a brand new wheel, you will only notice very subtle differences, but otherwise for all intents and purposes your wheels will look as good as new.

The quality of the finish however does depend on the condition of the wheels (see our Terms & Conditions), though we do guarantee to improve your wheels and of course the finish is guaranteed for 12 months.

Your wheels undergo immense wear and tear, during use… and we appreciate you bearing this in mind when we do our utmost to restore them to their former glory.

Yes, we supply new valves with all refurbished alloy Wheels fitted to tyres. We can also supply chrome or black valves / flush valves if required, please ask for details.

Please also note this excludes TPMS Valves, which if they need replacing (due to seizure), then additional charges may apply.

Yes, if you let us know in advance the tyre size, speed rating, and preferred make (if applicable).

We don’t stock all tyres, but we can source most makes at very competitive prices usually within 48 hours, and often the same day.

Due to our very busy branches, we  would recommend you booking with us via our online Booking service or by Phone, as to avoid disappointment.

We occasionally have customers randomly arriving with the hope of having their wheels refurbished immediately, but unfortunately have to book them in for a more suitable time and date.

So as to avoid any disappointment, we highly recommend booking in advance.

It is as safe as it can be. Wherever possible, we try to keep cars inside our premises.

We have a 24hr CCTV surveillance, and all customers’ cars are insured for up to £50,000.

If your car is more than £50,000 in value, please notify us so we can adjust the insurance value.

Wheel Furb offer a FULL wheel refurbishment service that mobile alloy wheel repair services rarely offer for a similar price to what they will charge for a temporary, cosmetic, or touch-up job.

The finishes at Wheel Furb give an all over coating that provides more durability and will last you for years to come.

Mobile services cannot prepare the wheel as thoroughly or strip off old coatings prior to refurbishment, so it is impossible for a mobile company to achieve the same finish as Wheel Furb.
In many cases, they don’t remove the tyre, and just mask it off… in certain circumstances, a Smart Repair is required.

For example when there is only one alloy wheel that is kerbed and requires an OEM Factory Standard finish (or colour matching)… we can provide this service at a cost starting from £50, with a Same Day Service turnaround.

Almost certainly, although there are so many manufacturers that there are bound to be some makes that we haven’t yet refurbished.

If your wheels are unusual in any way, please send us a photograph and details (make, diameter, composition – alloy, steel and finish required) and we will let you know immediately.

Yes, however there is a charge due to most centre caps being plastic, so they are wet sprayed.

Prices start from £40 per set.

Yes… for Crack Repairs, it’s £45.00 per weld. For fixable Buckles, straightening them will cost £70.00 per wheel.

Yes, but only for our Same Day Service.

Please note we have to charge a fee of £15.00 to cover insurance costs for the day.

We do not recommend using car washes and most specialist wheel cleaners. Most of them are nothing more than a mild acid which will corrode the surface of your wheels.

We recommend to use mild soapy warm water and a non-abrasive cloth/brush, or a non acidic wheel cleaner. We sell these for £5.00 in-store.